Player Skins/Models

These are models for players that you can use in Half Life.  Models are in alphabetical order.  If you want to make skins download this file that everything you need to make them. ( Please read the read me file DOES explain how the program works.... )
Name: Size Description
Alian 179k Model that Diablo found on the net.
Apache 72k Model of the helicopter from Half Life.  By Werewolf.
Archer 55k Model of a monster from single player that never made it to the game.  By Werewolf.
Assassin Scientist Model 208k Assassin scientist by B. Fabiono.
Baby Ninja 157k Model by Rauz.
Barney Model 285k Model of the security guard from Half Life.
Soda Can     13k Model of a soda Werewolf
Rat 38k Cure little rat by Werewolf
Bleach Bones 30k Skull from Half Life by Werewolf
File Cabinet   5k Filing Cabinet by Werewolf
Female Scientist 192k Female scientist.
Flying Alien 61k Flying alien monster from single player. By Werewolf .
Gothic 187k A guy in gothic clothing.
Grandma 196k Skin by Werewolf.  Has blue hair, nose piercing, and beard.
Kick ass skins 345k Two skins by Glottis, an invisible man and Gordon with a scar and sunglasses.
Krazy Man 167k Model with many faces by Glottis.
Forklift 134k A forklift by Werewolf
Monster Models 964k Pack with monsters from Half Life by  Ninja Monkey and Werewolf
Naked 230k A scientist naked.
Playmate 207k Nude Gina model.
Punk model 196k Model of the scientist with a blue hair and sunglasses.  By Werewolf.
Scientist in H.E.V. suit 194k Scientist in an hev suit.  By Thrash.
Skins 395k 2 models by Ciyber God.One is a radioactive scientist and the other is Manny from Grim Frandago.
Skin pack 1 446k 2 skins by Harold Gufler.
Smily 146k Smily skin by Glottis
Snake 185k Snake skin.
Too Much Coffee Man Model 276k Funny model of guy who has had too much coffee, by Valve/Sierra.
Tux Model 187k A scientist in a tux.  By Rauz.
Wall Camouflage 190k Model that will blend in with walls.
Water Camouflage 195k Model that will blend in with water.
Werewolf  204k A werewolf model by Werewolf
Zombie 277k Zombie skin by Ninja Monkey
Headcrab     149k Headcrab from the game by Werewolf / Sierra
Big_Rock 27k Rock from the game by Werewolf
Gman     146k Man in suit from the game ( God I hate download this and keep killing yourself )
Grenade     4k A grenade.....both Gman and grenade by WereWolf / Sierra
Marine ( BETA )   190k Marine soldier, beta version a little different from the 1 player game but nice. By Trunks
Rev. Ed     170k Great priestly mod by Rev.Ed
Bill Clinton     207k Great Clinton mod...just wish he was holding a cigar
Cyborg     203k Half man, half robot...what else can I say ?
Freak     168k Wierd looking guy mostly in red by Trunks
Korn     201k Self mod by Jarrad....not the lead singer of Korn the band   ( Resembles him though )
Metalman     220k A man made of metal...the pic looked cool
Kueller     187k Not sure how to explain it but it is great.
Trunks   171k Not sure how to explain either but I like it
Priest     222k Priest from the Clinton Sex Affair ...looks damn good by Hanno
Blade      198k Wesley Snipes as Blade  ( From the movie Blade )
Jim        198k Supposedly Jim Carrey....far off but a good mod
Eddie      174k Classic Iron Maiden figure
Proto     179k Looks similar to but it is cool none-the-less   By Trunks
Will Smith     193k Will Smith from " Men In Black " by Hanno
Dead Al      208k Guy that looks like he is decomposing...smelly but great looking
Jess        209k A new chick for HL mplay....kinda good looking...all in all, I would do her
New Robot     189k Big, beefy new robot.....great looking if you like robots
TM Ninja Turtle    191k Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Lt. Commander Data 183k Data from Star Trek : The Next Generation by Yith
Quake Mod     222k Soldier from Quake
Tigger      158k Boooooiiiiiing....bouncing is what Tiggers do
Pig Scientist   216k A scientist with a pig drawn on his coat    by Hanno
Fetus     190k A fetus......kinda cool looking
Snake Eyes   192k Looks like the GI Joe character Snake Eyes
Teth      205k Extremely great looking model by Teth
Ninjas    660k Zip file with 4 zip files in it holding 1 ninja mod each by Trunks
Snow-bot     159k Robo with his winter skin on by Trunks
Commando     170k Kick ass skin by it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **No bitmap included **
Stich      180k Wierd scientist mod by tHeOrAcLe
Dead Swat       188k Revised Barney with cool outfit and deathly face by HALFLIFER
Camo Robot   156k Robot with cammo paint by Trunks
Invisable Soldier     192k Can't say much....can't see it by Hanno
Beavis / Cornholio   190k Cool looking mod by Shogun01
Heavy Armored Trooper   184k Cool looking mod by Trunks
Trooper     187k Another mod by Trunks
Winter Guard     170k Mod that resembles (kind of ) , to me, the Marine from the game by HALFLIFER
TERROR     198k N\eat mod by Terminal ERROR
Quake Soldier     179k Soldier from Quake...looks great !!! By Obi Wan
Grim Reaper     182k Great mod..   **Might want to rename the .bmp "reaper"**
Borg       190k Borg warrior from Star Trek By Ninja Monkey

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