These are some files for Half-Life. If you have any send them to me here.
File Name: Size Discription
Wonswap 985k Map and model transfer utility.
Skin Builder     1.8MB Has all the files you need to build skins.
Qtracker 2.2 597k Server browser with Half Life support.
Multi Player sounds pak 17k Replaces sounds in multi player games with new ones.  By Cougar.
Pingtool 2.4 Beta 2 1.6MB Beta version of very good server browser tool that now supports Half Life.
Half Life version Patch 1.0MB Patch for full version of game that fixes some bugs.
Gamespy 2.06 1.4MB Version 2.06 of very good server browser now with Half Life support.  For registered users only.
Kali 1.58 2.7MB New version of Kali that supports Half Life.
Winamp Half Life skin 110k Skin for popular mp3 player
Alien Decal 6k A Multiplayer decal I made.  A picture of an alien from the Alien series.
Half Life Sever Patch 71k An unofficial server patch that allows you to be the server host and client at the same time.
Barney ICQ Sounds 477k Replaces the sounds in your icq program with Barney sound from Half Life.
H.E.V ICQ Sounds 398k Replaces sounds in ICQ with sounds from Half Life.
Half Life Font 22k An unofficial Half Life font.
Half Life Screensaver 600k A Half Life screensaver that uses different screenshots
Half Life Windows Theme pack 380k Has sounds, icons, pointers and some other stuff
Half Life theme Pack #2 157k Another theme pack but with the lambda for a background.
The New Patch 2383Kb A great patch which you need for continued here for details on the patch
Quake 2 > Half Life Conversion Tutorial 765k An zipped tutorial to converting mods from Quake 2 to Half Life format....
Logos 43k Some cool logos in .exe format......put in Logos folder and double click on the exe file
Model Viewer For .mdl Files NEW 234k Viewer for new mods.....easy to use

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