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"It was the year of fire..." - Lennier,
"The year of destruction..." - Zack,
"The year we took back what was ours." - G'Kar,
"It was the year of rebirth..." - Lyta,
"The year of great sadness..." - Vir,
"A Year of pain..." - Marcus,
"And a year of joy." - Delenn
"It was, a new age." - Londo,
"It was the end of history." - Franklin,
"It was the year everything changed." - Ivanova,
"The year is 2261." - Garibaldi,
"The Place: Babylon 5." - Sheridan,

I have added some new things to my site please take a look and remeber that this page is constantly under construction.

Season One picture of the cast....

Season Two picture of the cast....

Season Three picture of the cast....

Season Four picture of the cast....

Season Five picture of the cast....


The New Kosh (The evil one)....

A Bio page on the lead characters...


This is a sweet picture of the White Star

Here is another good picture of the Whtie Star

Here is a GREAT picture of the White Star and Crew

Here is a great picture of a war cruiser

Here is a funny picture if the new B5 cast(Season 5)

Jokes...(Hold shift down and click on the files to download.)

101 reasons why Babylon 5 is better than Voyager

You know you've been watching too much Babylon 5 when....

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from watching Babylon 5


REMBER Babylon 5 is on TNT at 7:00 PM est, and 4:00 PM pc Mon-Fri.

To view this page correctly down load this font into your C:\windows\fonts\ directory. Next time you come here and you have downloaded the file it should look like the Text in Babylon 5. You can use it as well(just choose the "Galactican" in MS word). Enjoy.

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