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Character Profiles

Below are the profiles of the characters of Babylon 5.

Picture of Sheridan Real Name Character Name Character's Details
sheridan.jpg Bruce Boxleitner CAPTAIN JOHN SHERIDAN John Sheridan is commander of Babylon 5, and was the former captain of the Earthforce military starship 'Agamemmnon'. Sheridan is a man that is devoted to keeping the peace, and is now a trusted ally in the fight against the Shadows.

Picture of Ivanova Real Name Character Name Character's Details
ivanova.jpg Claudia Christian COMMANDER SUSAN IVANOVA Susan Ivanova is second in command of Babylon 5, and in charge of day-to-day operations.

Picture of Garibaldi Real Name Character Name Character's Details
garibaldi.jpg Jerry Doyle MICHAEL ALFREDO GARIBALDI Garibaldi used to be incharge of security on Babylon 5, but now, he operates as a free agent where he chooses. Garibaldi is very particular about those he trusts, and his lack of trust, has recently manifested itself with Captain Sheridan.

Picture of Franklin Real Name Character Name Character's Details
franklin.jpg Richard Biggs DR. STEPHEN FRANKLIN His medical background is mainly in experimental medicine, and does not have a good "bedside manner, with his patients."

Picture of Allan Real Name Character Name Character's Details
allan.jpg Jeff Conaway SECURITY CHIEF ZACK ALLAN Zack is currently in charge of security on the station, which is very curious as he formerly was a member of a group called The Nightwatch. Zack is uncomfortable talking to his former security chief/best friend, but has vowed to do his best in his new position.

Picture of Delenn Real Name Character Name Character's Details
delenn.jpg Mira Furlan AMBASSADOR DELENN Delenn represents the Minbarirace, and after breaking the mysterious Grey Council, Delenn has recently reformed the council which oversees the politics on Minbar. Along with Sheridan, she leads the fight against the Shadows, and has since developed a lasting relationship with the Sheridan.

Picture of Lennier Real Name Character Name Character's Details
lennier.jpg Bill Mumy LENNIER Lennier came on Babylon 5, respecting and admiring Delenn, but over time, he has come to respect her as a friend. Lennier remains loyal to Delenn, even when she left the Grey Council.

Picture of Mollari Real Name Character Name Character's Details
mollari.jpg Peter Jurasik AMBASSADOR LONDO MOLLARI Londo represents the Centauri Republic. The Republic has gone from a major power, to the laughing stock of the galaxy. After re-taking the Narn homeworld, with help from the Shadows, Londo worked to overthrow the emperor and, in return for G'Kar's help, free Narn once again.

Picture of Cotto Real Name Character Name Character's Details
cotto.jpg Stephen Furst VIR COTTO Cotto is Londo's Centauri assistant.

Picture of G'Kar Real Name Character Name Character's Details
gkar.jpg Andreas Katsulas CITIZEN G'KAR G'Kar originally represented the Narn regime until it was overtaken by the Centauri. After helping Londo to kill the Centauri Emperor, G'Kar was offered to lead his people back on Narn but declined the offer. G'Kar remains on Babylon 5, with no official capacity.

Picture of Cole Real Name Character Name Character's Details
marcus.jpg Jason Carter MARCUS COLE Marcus is a Ranger, who presented Sheridan and Delenn a powerful new ship called the White Star, which fuses together the technologies of both the Minbari and the Vorlons, which they used in the shadow war.

Picture of Alexander Real Name Character Name Character's Details
lyta.jpg Pat Tallman LYTA ALEXANDER Lyta was a former member of the Psi-Corps, but she defected from the Corps, after she encountered Kosh for the first time. Since then, she is the only one to have ever ventured into Vorlon space and returned. Although she has returned physically, and perhaps telepathically, modified.

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